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Fr Legends Mod APK Features

Change car color

You can also change the color of the car you have in the game. Of course, this feature is available when the game genre is in progress.

And of course the L300 Mod game for Legends also offers this feature for you, and the feature to change colors is very unique.

Why is this unique? You can also change the color of the car, not only the body of the car, but also the pelk.

Wow, that’s unique, if Lan’s game only leaves color in your car, but the l300 mod game for legends has it all.

Automatic engine updates

You can also upgrade the car engine you have. In this update, you can certainly do a number of things.

For example, if you change the engine for your car, you can also choose a suitable engine for your car.

If the level is suitable for the engine, my friend can try to improve the car engine.

And not only that, you can also save on the turbo to get the maximum speed for the car you are driving.

The game mod for Fr Legends is very interesting, right?

Car feet

Are they legs of the car? that is, it acts as a support for the main weight of the car, including the driver.

And the foot of the car is very important for car components, because it is also a factor in reaching the car’s speed.

Also, the newest for Legends Mod Mod APK 2019 is a drift type racing game, so car claws are absolutely mandatory.

And it can increase car legs to keep the car stability during cornering.

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