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Graphics and audio settings

After you complete the recovery steps, you can immediately select the settings menu. Then you follow the next steps.

• Select the graphic configuration menu. This method is to determine the proper functioning of the game and to avoid lags and black screens and slow games.

• Select OpenGL in the backend configuration

• Then select Buffer Rendering for Mode

• Don’t forget to clear the Transfel Effect block checkbox

Note: Using the Buffered Rendering option, you must select Buffered. Then, you can select multiple games with the skip buffer option. However, there are games that immediately turn black if you use the skip buffer. So you can customize the game you like.

• Check Impresive mode

• Check hardware transform

• Check skinning software

• Vertex cache checklist

• Check lazy texture caching

• Checklist disable slower effect

• Check hardware tessellation

• Then select the Linear option under Texture Filtering

• Change to Linear on the screen scale filter.

Please keep doing the audio settings in the PPSSPP Gold Download application to make the sound in the game even more amazing.

For audio settings, you can change the audio quality to low. Even with a low setting, the sound produced in the game still sounds clearer

PPSSPP Gold system configuration

Then you can enter the system settings. This setting is quite important if you use the PPSSPPGold Mod APK application. You can make arrangements by following the methods below.

  • Change the CPU clock settings and then change the emulated PSP CPU emulated (Ustable) to 400.
  • Then there is a snapshot rewind frequency (mem hog) below, change it to 200.
  • Finally, change the I / O timing method to simulate UMD delay.

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