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Tinker Island Mod APK Features

• Basic Development

The Users were initially captured on a tropical island. Gradually, users can start various activities on the island.

The first is to build a fairly solid base on the island. This should be solid preparation for the troops.

Users are encouraged to be able to update or even be able to update parts of the existing infrastructure on the island so that the island can turn into a modern island. In addition, users can work with local residents to develop and further improve the island.

When this free application is available on Tinker Island, users can only get help for something, for example, such as: stranded passengers, the creativity of the simple islanders, and the resources contained in the island.

Many of these resources are common on the island, so users must use these resources for the growth of the island.

• Riddles that need to be answered

With the Tinker Island Mod APK game, users can only think a little. Why is it so? Because in general the tropical island that is occupied by this user is a mysterious island.

The users were surprised that the island could talk and solve many puzzles with great curiosity.

The puzzles in Tinker Island Mod APK are usually general puzzles that can be answered by the user. However, as the development of the user base led to a conundrum, it got more and more difficult. You are required to be able to think twice or even think three times to be able to solve this puzzle.

• Appreciation

Each game has its rewards: either with money or even trophies, etc. However, thanks to the Tinker Island Mod application, you can get it easily.

Rewards are obtained after completing some challenges, so you can receive rewards even if you successfully complete certain results. In addition, the user must receive trophies for successfully fighting certain wild creatures in the game.

What is the function of the trophy? There is a hall of fame in this game which can definitely make you number 1 if he can defeat a lot of wild animals in this game.

• weapons and tools

Making weapons and tools on Tinker Island apk This trick can be interpreted as a producer of various types of weapons and tools. Why? Because this tropical island is a mysterious and mysterious island.

On this island, you don’t have access to the outside world. you want to know, let’s play this game application now!

Various types of weapons and equipment are produced according to natural conditions and available resources, a complete collection on the island.

You are required to consider how to build a complex, solid, and prosperous base in order to avoid running out of your resources. All types of weapons can be used to defend the island.

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